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Star of Hope Haiti Foundation was formed in 1989. In Haiti our effort concentrates on operating or providing support for pre-and primary schools in poor villages. Primary school in Haiti is theoretically available to all being both free and compulsory. The reality, however, is a different story since there is a considerable lack of school buildings in the country. Even when there is a school, many children do not attend because they cannot afford to buy school supplies and uniforms.

The widespread poverty presents the same basic problem in all localities in which Star of Hope works. For example, many children do not go to school because they have to work for their family to survive. One day at school means a day's loss of income and therefore less food.

An opportunity for education

Giving a basic education, health care and nutritious food to children living in severe poverty lays a foundation for the children to be able to grow up and develop into healthy, educated adults who can provide for themselves and their family. In this manner we can be an instrument to help develop entire communities! For how can a child be able to rise out of poverty if he or she cannot read or write, always hungry or ill? Another important objective and fringe benefit of these activities is to show these children and their parents that there are people who see their plight and who want to help them eliminate it.

Help in many ways

Star of Hope Haiti also operates a childrens home and has done health care projects, village development projects, providing assistance in the development of water supplies and roads and lending banks, where poor farmers can borrow tools, fertilizers, plants and seeds.

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