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Nov 2013: Biggest storm of all time hits Philippines help the local community, join us!



Gani Coruna writes:
A few days ago hit one of the strongest typhoons ever hit Visayas islands in central Philippines. The most devastated islands are Leyte and Tacloban City. Thousands upon thousands of people, many of them children, feared to have perished according to the reports we received. Thousands of homes have been completely destroyed and the survivors are waiting for emergency help, food, water, medical and clothing. Our emergency teams at Star of Hope Philippines are ready to intervene. We have experience from much similar relief responses and now we need financial help. We therefore appeal to you to help the most vulnerable and poor in the affected areas around Tacloban City. Anything you can do to alleviate human suffering after this killer typhoon will help tremendously. Thank you so much for your kind consideration and God bless you.

Gani Coruna, Star of Hope, Philippines,

Our disaster fund is open, TYPHOON RELIEF



Your support can save lives and give hope when despair is everywhere. You, through Star of Hope, can give what is needed to help survivors and maintain dignity.

While we are not a disaster relief organization, as a partner with each community where we have projects, when disaster strikes we respond. Your monthly support of $10, or more, will make it possible to respond immediately when the help will do the most good. Your gift will be used for immediate disaster response by local staff, intimately familiar with their community and the needs. By putting resources into the hands of those who best know the situation, with your help, we can turn despair into hope. Your monthly support will show those who are hurting that someone cares.

Your monthly support is needed right now, before the next flood, earthquake or drought. Please sign up today to make your monthly gift to Star of Hope really count when needed. Set up your monthly gift on our website or call (866) 653-0321.

Your support is 'critical'.









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