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Argentina update December 21

Summer has hit Argentina and the climate in the north where the province Chaco and our projects are based are reaching over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Star of Hope Argentina also called locally, El Buen Pastor, just celebrated 40 years of helping Toba children and their families in need, giving them hope. They give a hand up with education, and faith and today they are reaching out to over 700 children in different villages around Saenz Pena.

The situation in Argentina has gone from bad to worse during the pandemic and a large University in Argentina, the UCA who produces a Social Debt Observatory has recently released information that in the whole of Argentina more than 6 out of 10 children are living in poverty.

Families are also struggling as the wages of more than 30% of workers are not enough to get them living above the poverty line, and the families are struggling to buy basic life needs. This year alone the inflation has gone up by over 50%.

In Saenz Pena, which is in the Chaco Province in Argentina, where the Toba/Qom Indians live, the percentage of poverty is at over 80%. Covid-19 is on the rise again and the mutation Omicron has reached Argentina through Brazil.

When you are poor and do not work in an office it is impossible to work from home or keep a distance from others. When you are poor, it's not easy to have money to buy food for your family, medicines, and soap to wash your hands as often as you should during a pandemic.


Many of the children that live in this area live in houses made from what they can find. Thinks like wood, plastic bags. And roofs are made of steel that is found here and there. Some have been able to build brick houses but a lot of them are without electricity, water, toilet, and internet. They are whole families living in small spaces, so studying at home is a big problem.

Star of Hope Argentina works closely with the children and meets them all at least once a month. The preschool Jardin Alba and all the schools there have just finished their school year and the summer holidays have begun. Many children lose their lunch due to this, but the staff at Star of Hope Argentina has a Christmas surprise for all the children and their families where they will not only receive food for a month but also a basket full of Christmas specials. The children also receive a small Christmas gift.


This is something that would not be possible if it wasn’t for all of you, the sponsors, and you make such a huge difference to them. That someone is thinking about them and caring about them sends jay and blessings.

Thanking God for you, and your help and wishing you a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Isabella Zelaya

Star of Hope

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