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Argentina Flooded Jan 2018

Projects in Argentina suffer "Disaster of the community", children families and projects affected. 

Every year the world brings disasters, both manmade and natural. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent disasters from happening, but we can assist those affected and help in disaster risk reduction.
In Argentina, espically in the North, there has been a tremendous amount of flooding. Even after celebrating mass for 200,000 people in Argentina, Pope Francis reached out to residents of a town that was destroyed by floods as a result of the intense El Nino weather phenomenon.

Our own staff, Daniell, reported via cell phone 1-21-2018;

"It was so strange the water came so fast many nearby my home had structural damage and most furniture was destroyed. Water was coming from the backside and entering the hallway and the front of the house was the same, then all the sudden, and fast water flowed in at window level and over the kitchen furniture."

"At pastor Pablo's, they were getting hit worse and had to lead the water and through the house out to the garage area, many things at his home was destroyed."

"Some who were fortunate not to get flooding had roof damage, by the way, the whole city is flooded and the outskirts too. It's a terrible and total flood! Among the Toba Indians, it is the worst because the water flows out in that direction and their homes are just built so basic. There will be severe consequences of this."

"Many have lost everything."

"Right now there are some isolated by water, and others cannot leave their homes because of burglary."

"Some assistance is available, but when the water is pouring it will be the worst. Then the authorities do not want them to stay longer in the shelters and entertain with food and medication. Risk for pest and diseases, fungi, and infections."

"We need to supply food, milk powder, drinking water, mattresses etc, building materials as well."

"The numbers are huge, but we're grateful if we could get a contribution, so we do not have to leave blank when our friends Indians and some Kriols come with their needs."

"We are very grateful if the world understands the severity of disaster and earthquake and these alarming floods that reach up to people's bed mattresses. There is a lot of shouting and crying, thousands of people and children affected."

"The day before, it was an earthquake of 3.6 richter, with it came large cracks in the field and settlements in the constructions and then it rained. Pablo's church was flooded but the water was pouring fast in and out. Now outside there is water. In our Toba church, the water did not come in, but the neighbors had plenty of water in their homes."

So that is the report from Northern Argentina. They need our monetary gifts to help ease the pain and show love.
Please donate as you are able.

God Bless you!
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