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UPDATE 1 28 2018 Disaster situation in Argentina!
See facebook for latest update
Homes and schools in northern Argentina are currently underwater. First, the area was paralyzed by an earthquake that damaged many buildings - and the chaos that followed opened the sky.

"The situation is terrible! says Kenth Johansson. Children and adults are screaming and crying ... thousands of people have lost everything.

At present, the whole city of Saenz Pena is flooded - and the worst is for the Toba families who live in simple house-shacks outside the city. The water reaches up to people's mattresses and people also risk being electrified as well as these families have electric old-age refrigerators standing directly on the earth floor, now underwater. "The water is flowing their way, towards the Toba people," says Kenth. The risk is imminent for epidemics, fungi, and infections. We need to produce food, milk powder, drinking water, mattresses and building materials. We really hope the world understands the seriousness!

Star of Hope is ready to act, we have the staff, history, infrastructure - but we need your financial help!
The situation is acute and every dollar can make a huge difference!

HOW TO HELP: or call 866 653 0321

Office Hours:

Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm


Mailing Address:
PO Box 427
Ellinwood, KS 67526 


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