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Great day at the project in Saenz Pena in Argentina. When you have great coworkers and interpreters it works out great even if there are hiccups with the internet while you are teaching. Tonight we will make up for the lost time and stay in the office.

As usual, the children are precious. Tomorrow I have the privilege to spend the day with the kids and family's we help amongst the Toba people.
PLEASE - If you want to help and create a great Christmas for them check out our shop, now is the time.
Just Hit Shop - on this page or visit the big shop at and be apart of a special Christmas for the kids.

Did you know, Argentina will be celebrating Christmas during the hottest time of the year and the celebration is associated with cool drinks and juicy salads. During the Christmas week, many families will eat meat from a pig or goat that they have raised and slaughtered - but the poorest families sometimes can not afford any Christmas food at all. Star of Hope is, therefore, a great source for all the children and families involved to have good food to celebrate.

Star of Hope Staff: Mona, David, Kenth, Maria, and Dennis. Argentina Nov 2019

David above says, we have our own Christmas tradition: To visit the poorest families with a Christmas basket full of goods like flour, sugar, rice, noodles, corn flour, fried red, pudding, nougat, pralines, fruit, Argentinian yerba tea, and non-alcoholic cider.

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