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Meet Ruth Cabello, she is 8 years old and an active member of Pablo Johansson’s church and attends Sunday school too.

201612_AR_Ruth_Cabello_small_5.jpgRuth attends church with her mother 3-5 times a week. Ruth often dances and sings in the church, and thinks it's great fun and an honor. “It's nice in the church and such a great atmosphere”, says Ruth. “We will be here Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sundays”.

Ruth is in the children’s group and thinks it's fun and educational. “It's fun to come here every Sunday, says Ruth. We learn much about the Bible, we praise God, do crafts with a pencil and then dance and sing, all is fun. Then we have coffee and we get candy before we go home.”

Star of Hope 201612_AR_Ruth1.jpgRuth has just finished third grade in school and her favorite subject is math.

Meet Luciano Cabrera, he is 16 years old and been an active member of Pablo Johansson’s church since the spring of 2016, when Pablo had an outdoor Gospel campaign that made an impression on Luciano’s heart.

Star of Hope and 201612 AR Luciano Cabrera.jpg
“Pablo talked about the Gospel and it felt good, says Luciano. He gave in his message a clear and good message. I'm going to church regularly, preferably several times a week.” In December 2016, Luciano confirmed his faith by baptism “I'm saved, and the baptism was a nice confirmation, so it just feels good” says Luciano.

Pastors and world movers Kenth and Pablo Johansson look on as Luciano is baptized Star of Hope Pastors and world movers Kenth and Pablo Johansson look on as Luciano is baptized Star of Hope

Luciano is in the third grade in high school and wants to become border police when he becomes an adult.

Text and Photos are thanks to our very own Dennis Thern in Argentina, December  2016.

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