The distribution of blankets and heaters to the needy in Argentina has been completed!

For Argentina's most vulnerable families, the winter cold comes suddenly, and they have nowhere to warm up. Thin roofing sheets, simple brick walls, and large gaps around the shutters are standard in their homes.

In summer, the normal heat is changed to an unpredictable climate where positive temperatures alternate with sudden cold snaps. And when the minus degrees take over, then it becomes minus degrees even indoors. When it creeps down to zero degrees, it gets cold and drawn. Many are poorly equipped for such temperatures. But now more people can stay warm during the Argentine winter.

Thanks to everyone who donated a gift to this fundraiser for Argentina's vulnerable. The blankets and other things are extra welcome now during the pandemic.

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Facts: Argentina

Population: 39,900,000
Type of Government: Republic
Area: 1,073,080 sq miles
Captial: Buenos Aires
GNP per capita: $8,250 USD
Currency: Argentina Peso; ARS
Language: Spanish, Multiple Dialects
Main Exports: wheat, corn, soy oil, beef and livestock.
Religion: Catholicism