In Taytay, the sounds, the excitement, the multitude of colorful children who meets us feels fantastic. The children rush forward and greet us with big smiles and shout “Mabuhay” or hello in Tagalog.

This is the 26th “Foundation Day" at Star of Hope’s school in Taytay, Rizal Manila Philippines. This school was built 26 years ago in a garbage dump, an area without roads, electricity and water. Now however it is a place for 2200 students from grades one through high school.The day is celebrated with dance performances in the form of a competition where the different grades will compete.

The class that has the best performance according to the judges will win a prize. From the youngest children presenting a Zumba dance and aerobics to the older kids who present a mix of Philippine folk dances in colorful costumes; we get be part of an amazing display of excitement and color.There is no trace that many of the children who are here in costume have a most difficult existence; no it does not show through. This is a day of joy and gratitude for the opportunity through education to change their future.Today's special guest is a Nordic Gospel singer Frank Adahl who made ??an very well received appearance and got the children and teachers to sing along with Carol King's " You've got a friend ". Maria from Manila.

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