On Dec 1, 2013 I was privildged to be part of the dedication and inaguration of the new church campus in Rigaud, Haiti. It was a joyful time, celebrating how God heard His people's cry and saw their distress. He provided a new place to gather following the loss caused by the 2010 earthquake. It was a joyous time and you can see pictures and read about it by clicking here.

Returning to Tony and Myrtha's home just after dark, we were talking about the events taking place and how excited we were to see how God had provided. Getting close to our destination, bouncing down the rough road, our headlights illuminated a young boy, maybe 7 years old on the side of the road. We were busy with our own conversation and didn't pay much heed to him.

As we passed by we glanced at him and noticed his head was down and his eyes were darting to and fro over the rough dirt road. As we passed our impression was that he was crying. As we rounded the next corner, Tony and I both commented that he probably lost a coin that his mother had given him to go to the corner merchant and buy something that family needed for dinner. He will be in big trouble for losing the money when he returns home. For us it would not have been much. He might have had a 1 gourde coin (about 2 cents). Maybe he was sent to buy one bullion cube to season the evenings rice and beans. We will never know because we didn't stop.

As we sat in our airconditioned car, waiting for someone to open the gate into Tony's home, we looked at each other and both said almost in unison, we should have stopped. We should have stopped to lend a light for that boys search. We should have stopped to meet his need. We easily could have given him a few gourdes to replace his loss. But we didn't because we were too busy.

That feeling of regret is as strong as the joy of the celebration we had with the 500 people who came to dedicate the new church building.

I have committed to be more aware of people. Don't let regret live alongside the celebration of Christ's birth. See the needs, hear the cries and take steps to help. I can always do something.

I pray that you will have a blessed Christmas, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. I encourage you to be aware of people around you. You may be the blessing that someone needs.

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