Day 1 in Haiti. I cannot describe the poverty and living conditions, about 80% live day to day. Today was an orientation to where we are staying, which for us is with a Civil Engineer. We have good food and accommodations that really would rival what we have in the U.S., minus the fact that electricity is unreliable, the roads or alley to the house is non-existence, and all around is poverty. ...

The wealthy houses are surrounded by walls, often with barbed wire or broken glass on the top to prevent intruders. Not to mention the fact that you really are locking yourself in the house. We were able to go to the ocean today via an old club med facility that is open for tourists. You can forget about the poverty for a while when you are in the ocean, however, it is still there outside the gates. Tonight we visited with a few families and were able to give them some candy, school supplies, a basketball, and shoes for their kids. I will try to post pictures soon. Tomorrow we are visiting three schools to hand out school supplies and some basketballs, footballs, and soccer balls. Goodnight or should I say Bonne nuit.




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