As I have been pondering how to condense what we in Star of Hope are accomplishing into a short phrase, I have found it difficult. Like many non-profits we seem to be pretty good at telling you what things we are doing but not what we are actually accomplishing.

This exercise in creating a short blurb message has been a good one for me to work on because it helps me focus. After looking at all the things we have going on - quite a remarkable list itself - I have come up with a phrase I like. "We are helping kids change the world" Then I thought to myself, really? That's quite a statement.

As I researched more, I found it is true. It fits in with measuring success one child at a time.

I found this Blog by my good friend Dennis Thern that highlights this well. Read his blog Success Stories from the Philippines by Dennis Thern

My next blog I will tell you more of how I decided that we really do help kids change the world. Barry Borror President & CEO

Did you know that...

18 landerThanks to you, Star of Hope works in 15 countries around the world.

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Also because of people like you, more than 30,000 children receive education and care through Star of Hope.


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