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Friend's of Star of Hope, We are doing it again, join us and be a part of this! By Aurora Vatamaniuc

We are approaching the second time to be involved in a very special conference happening in Romania. The following information from Aurora Vatamaniuc, Director, Star of Hope Romania Foundation, will enlighten you of the value of this conference as she shares the results of previous conferences.

"For 4 years (2008-2012) we have organized a yearly conference with a Christian message for the mothers and specialists that work in the field of children with special needs. Most of them belong to the state Orthodox Church. I have witnessed how our Lord talked to them personally and these women demonstrated a significant increase in self-worth, confidence and their value as a person.


"Sam" plays at the center while his mother gets practical and spiritual counseling.

After these conferences the mothers started to meet in small groups at our centers where they are taught to read books that will guide them in increasing their faith. At the moment we have 5 groups with 25 mothers in each group. In one of the meetings the theme was a chapter title from the book "Calm My Worried Heart" – "How To Be Happy Being Myself", written by Linda Dillow. The discussions focused on how the Lord created the human being, the miracle construction of every cell in our body and how the Lord made all the organs to function, to have life. For this, the most relevant scripture was Psalm 139.


Maine and Aurora, give talks to help the mothers of severely handicapped children

Another miracle we talked about is that the Lord has a plan with us and this is why we have been created – to be part of His plans. Mothers talked about the role they have in their child's life (remembering that the child is disabled). It is a role received from the Lord, to raise, educate and love the child. They also spoke of the importance of the body, soul and character. – understanding that The Lord wants us to do our part and to let Him do His.

Our goal is to provide more opportunities for our parents to hear of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. To accomplish this we wish to work in 2 ways:

1. To hold a yearly conference for the families with disabled children. We wish to have a 5 day conference for at least 150 parents and their children. We would like to have young Christian volunteers to help during the conference by caring for and playing with the children while their parents attend various sessions.
2. To set up Bible classes to help the parents learn more about Jesus and living the Christian life and helping them study the Bible in small groups.


Praise during the conference

We intend to involve brothers and sisters from the evangelical churches to lead our groups of training, starting this year in Iasi, Barlad and Dorohoi.

For us to be able to fulfill this dream we need support, prayer and financial means. Today we have this opportunity to do what Jesus w ants us to do. If you want to be part of this mission, we invite you to stand together. Certainly our God will reward any effort for His message to be heard unto the ends of the earth and go gain new hearts for the Kingdom.

We truly want Him to transform our country, Romania!
Pray for us and our country!

Be blessed!
Aurora Vatamaniuc

Above are the desires that God had put on the heart of this dear woman in Romania. This year there will be a new component. THE FATHERS will be included as well. This is an opportunity to bring families closer together and in the process make the gospel come alive as never before in their lives. This is a new element added this year. It is a harsh country. The inclusion of men in the conference is a big deal. The men in Romania are not accustomed to being so directly involved with the hands on care of their disabled child. And we know that in general men are less active in Bible study circles. So, there is a great potential at this conference to make tremendous changes in the spiritual lives of these families.


Last years attendees

I will be attending the conference this year along with a family from Ellinwood Kansas. Not just any family but a family of 3, including a 14 year old disabled son. They are traveling with me to the conference to be an encouragement to men, women and children of Romania. They will have a major part of the conference in sharing their experiences. It will be highlights to have the dad share what it means to be involved in the care and spiritual teaching of a disabled child.



Now you know about this year's conference. These are all good plans and dreams but we need help to make them become a reality. Consider what your part will be to make this happen. Changing lives is such a rewarding experience. Even if you never meet the people affected - - -the blessings are felt.


Maria Presson


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