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Blessings to you and the people in your life. This month I share a press release in lieu of a letter.

The information surrounds the situation in Ukraine, and introduces a wonderful song that was made for all of us!

It's called "Pray for Ukraine" and it is located here.



Star of Hope provides essential aid to Ukrainian refugees.

Kansas, USA - March 2, 2023 - Almost forty years ago, in 1986, a nuclear power plant located in north Ukraine was involved in an accident that was rated as a maximum severity level. The disaster, which resulted in the meltdown of a reactor core followed by a fire that raged for about a week, released radioactive contaminants into the air to land in other countries as well as the surrounding community. Since then, Ukraine has faced numerous challenges, including a recent military invasion by Russia, forcing thousands of refugees to flee to neighboring countries. Among those offering aid is Star of Hope, a Kansas-based international organization with a focus on children.

Star of Hope has been working in Ukraine since the Chornobyl disaster, providing assistance to affected children and their families. They started sending shipments to the hospitals treating these children, and camps were developed to help the affected children become part of the world around them. Specialized facilities were also developed, especially in Romania, for helping children with disabilities.

Through years of experience in Romania, Star of Hope has developed processes and methods of effective help for those who are struggling during this time of uncertainty. A five-point program has been developed to provide essential aid to Ukrainian refugees, which has included emergency shipments of trucks to the heart of Ukraine with a priority of including small wood-burning stoves to help during the winter, turning Romanian children's centers into shelters, emergency transportation and support of refugees to the Star of Hope retreat in Sweden, medicine for those children who have lost their thyroid gland due to cancer, and caring for the Ukrainian refugees. Mark Presson, CEO says” …every day since the start our staff has been at the border offering assistance.” One worker on the borders front line says, ”The help you give your fellow human beings can leave shimmering rings on the water decades later.”

Simon Ådahl & Peo Thyren 


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Star of Hope is asking for support at the borders, feeding the refugees, fuel for the transportation of goods and people, medicines, and support for traumatized families from Ukraine. They urge everyone to spread the word of the need and visit their website,, to donate or learn more.

Ask: Please share the video and audio with your friends.

Rich Blessings and thank you for all you do!

Mark Presson

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18 landerYour generosity expands Star of Hope's reach to 15 countries worldwide. Thanks to you, we're making a global impact.

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Because of people like you, more than 20,000 children receive education and care through Star of Hope.


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