June 9th 2011: Star of team of 15 people coming from Kansas to visit Haiti for mission work through star of hope projects in haiti has been already acomplished lot of good work since they arrived june 3th. They have been to boyer to celebrate Ives and Marie Culeuse wedding with the local Pastor Lesconte. They have bible class studies  with children and adults in boyer, they served food in wedding reception to people, they painted the new dining hall, they distributed gifts and books to the kids in boyer. they plaid video of jesus film for people in boyer, they plaid frisbee, football and game with boyer school kids. They comeback from boyer last night to PAP to help star of hope making benches for children in Hesse and Dano school. Only today they have already asseembled 140 preschool chairs, 40 tables and 19 school benches. they will continue tomorrow making more benches. it is a very productive team and will have lot of work done before they go back to US next Saturday.    Be part of Star of hope can make lot of difference in children life in haiti and can bring you  joy for the rest of your life.  

May 13th, 2011

Tomorrow, May 14th ,2011 is considered as a great for Haitian people with the investiture of Joseph Michel Martelly as new president of Haiti.  As  Catholic is the official region,  more than 80%  catholic believers, a tedium mass will  take place in front of broken palace yard under a tent built for this circumstance. Usually official mass is given in the cathedral of Port-au-Prince by the Cardinal but as the cathedral is collapsed by the last year earthquake, the religious ceremony will take place on the front yard of the palace where the new president will pronounce the first official speech to the nation. In the investiture agenda it is also scheduled for the president to sworn in front of the senate and chamber of deputies. Majority has yes on the music star as new president to bring change to Haiti to be a better place to live. Since the beginning of the week many people are cleaning streets in port-au-prince to well come the 56th president to take over the power for a last chance. Many hundreds of people are expected in front of palace to assist the ceremony and to support the new president as the last hope for Haiti. I will be there to wash and  to take some pictures, I will keep posted when I come back.



Dec 7th, 2010
Star of hope starts the first goats and chicken Christmas gifts distribution to day in Hesse. We will continue with the distribution until 15 of December  in all star of hope priority schools. Today we distribute 28  new goats and 4 pay it forward goats to a total of 32 children selected from drawing lot. Parents came with children to receive their Christmas gifts with joy and hope to raise the goats or the chicken not like a peat but like a saving activity to make money for emergency. Parents and children beneficiaries  send thanks  And wish Merry Christmas to all soh donors for  this great  Christmas present

 June 2,2011- Daniel is hero of the year in Star of hope mission work in Haiti. He is always available to help when it comes to accomplish humanitarian and evangelical work in Haiti. In less than a year after the earthquake he is in his 4th mission work trip to Haiti to help Star of Star of hope help other in great needs of psycho-recovery, evangelization and reconstruction team work. This time he come alone to continue making nice benches to equip star of hope schools that were collapsed by the earthquake in the benefit of 600 children in Dano school and 450 kids in Hesse school.  He is very professional in making nice chairs and school benches. He uses professional skill to clue, to nail, to cut wood to make school furniture.  He arrived last week may 21st and he has already made 38 benches. He is in Haiti this time to make at least 80 benches and 140 preschool chairs.

Star team of 15 people from Kansas arrive tomorrow to help in making school furniture and to organize and celebrate church wedding service  of  Mr. Yves and Marie Culeuse that are recently repented and accept Jesus in their life.  Mr Ives was a voodoo priest was practicing voodoo with whole family.  Pastor Tracy from Kansas and local Pastor Lesconte will marry the couple in the Pentecostal Church in Boyer Haiti on June 5th 2011. your prayer is important.

Today is a day of joy and satisfactory  to see the water purification machine has been installed in Rigaud School that is one of the 11 villages that Star of hope has development cooperation work. The machine has been given to Star of hope last December by Gustaff, a young Swedish guy, in order to provide good drinking water to people in need in Haiti. It was taking time to find funds to build the water kiosk to install machine and pipe. The construction of this water kiosk had started two months ago, the kiosk of 20 feet high and 7 feet width is made of cement bloc walls and wood and tin roof. The construction cost more than $10,000.00  included all installations pipe, electric and supplies and water purification machine.  Today is inauguration day of the drinking water project, more than 700 people were present to the inaugural ceremony, children of the school and parents are the first beneficiaries of the drinking water so they are the most thankful to all donors that give contribution of money and materials to make this project possible in the community of Rigaud that was in great need of safe drinking waterfor not getting infected by cholera disease that already killed more than 5000 people in Haiti. children and parents had a opportunity to drink the purified water for the first time today during the inauguration ceremony and many people in the community came today to full gallons and bucket of  purified water in the kiosk to go home to drink. Thank you again to all donors for assistance of all kind  to provide safe water to the population in Rigaud.       

December 1st, 2010
Eric from Sweden and Clayton from Brazil are in Haiti, they visited Boyer school today to meet the 500 children that attend this school, Eric  has the opportunity to serve first grader children food in their class-room. Children filled much honored to have a Swedish gentleman to serve them food. Children and visitors have good time together

 May 29th- Daniel is haiti to make school benches to equip new school building that star of hope is reconstructing in Hesse and Dano communities. He is for one month to make 80 benches, he has already made 21 benches, he has 69 more to make before June 21rst.  think of Daniel in your prayer to help him reaching  his goal in the benefit of children children education that Star of hope is supporting  in Haiti. 

It is mango season in haiti, haiti grows many varieties of mangoes. Mangoes in haiti are delicious and very sweet, haitian like mango a lot. Mangoes are selling every where in the country. In each street corner in PAP as well as in Countryside you find  mango in sale. I grow lot of mangoes home, so it become a tradition to bring truck of mangoes to the kids in children home orphanage (HA16). TodayDennis and I have been to the orphanage to deliver many hundreds mangoes to 150 children living in that orphanage. we drove star of hope pick up truck full of mangoes and we watched children eating lot of mangoes. it was a pleasure to see how they enjoy eating mangoes, to have an idea look picture in attach.   

December 1st, 2010

Boyer sewing school is on 9th week training, today  all recipients were present and show same hunger and willing to learn more and more. Today they are starting the 6th model skirt and return the 5th that is  last week home work. Myrtha check all homework, for any small imperfection she asks the student to fix it to pass the test for each skirt. They are pride to show all the 5 models skirt to Myrtha to check that they had made since the course has begun. They are working with small  scale to make small forma so they don't waste fabric to practice but they can make skirt of all size. According to the sewing course program, Myrtha has to teach them to make 7 models skirt before starting making blouse then dress and pants. tony

 May 29th- Daniel from kansas star team is in  Haiti for n time to help Star of hope making school benches for Hesse and Dano school . Today Daniel has the opportunity to visite Sherlande, the girl that he is supporting in Children Home orphanage in carrefour. He brought gift to sherlande and other children. Daniel and Sherlande were very happy to see each another.  

My good friends and co-workers, Naomie Beaujour and Myrtha Dor from Star of Hope Haiti spoke last week to womens' groups in Kansas. According to my wife they did a fantastic job of describing Haiti.

Myrtha concentrated on the Sewing project where she is the teacher and how it impacts the lives of the young students. Naomie shared her testimony on how she decided to remain in Haiti after the earthquake.

minnesgåva skog

Hedra den bortgångne med en gåva till Star of Hopes arbete, det är uppskattat och ofta en önskan från anhöriga. Din minnesgåva blir inte bara ett fint sätt att hedra den bortgångne, den ger också svårt utsatta barn möjlighet till utbildning, mat och omsorg.

När du ger din gåva sänder vi ett fint telegram till närmast anhörig eller till ansvarig begravningsbyrå. Beställ ditt telegram och vad det avser genom att fylla i formuläret nedan eller ring oss på 0662-461 00. Tänk på att göra detta i god tid så att telegrammet hinner fram i tid.

OBS! I formulärets meddelanderutan till Star of Hope, anger ni vem denna minnegåva avser och vart telegrammet skall skickas.



I am so very excited about our StarTeams. The people that have been a part of a group that goes into an uncomfortable cultural situation find they are changed forever. The excitement that the StarTeam members share when they return from a place like Jeanton, Haiti is real.

Never been on a short term mission/work trip?  It isn't too late. Check out the StarTeam links on our website and then make the choice - join us on an upcoming trip.

You won't be disappointed.

February 23 Parents children in Boyer  are very excited to see the water project under construction. School staff specialy the cooks can not wait to see the completion of the water project because to feed the kids they uses to walk 2 km away to get water . Whintin two months water will be available in the school for the kids to drink safe water and in the kitchen for the feeding. Star of Hope is building a catchement water system that will be completed in April. The reservoir that is part of the construction is big enough to keep 38,000 gallons of water. The construction work has satrted since 2 weeks ago, the reservoir is made of concrete.  Today I visited the construction site, I observed 10 people pouring concrete to build  the footing and on the base  of the reservoir. next week may be they wall will be built up.  It is to tell you that the construction work is progressing and soon water will be available in Boyer school in the benefit of 500 kids that attends boyer schools and the community. on behafl of the direct beneficiaries I would like to thank all Star of Hope donnors specialy donnors, schools and groups  in US, Sweden, Danmark, Findlande that gave money to  build Boyer school water project.  


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