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As you read this you may wonder about our Ukraine efforts, we are still at the border every day and meeting refugees! Other areas of our work continue. One thing we struggle with as a mission is to be able to feed our kids. The commonality in marginalized places and success is usually adequate nutrition. 

One thing, that all of us parents have in common is the concern about whether our children get enough food. It starts as soon as they are born. We worry about whether our babies get enough food, we worry when baby food is spat out. Even when our kids are older we worry every time they poke at the food while growing up and sometimes seem to just not eat.

Do they eat enough? Do they eat often enough? Do they eat healthy enough? This is something that every parent must go through, but there is an important difference. You and I always have food to give our kids. Deep down, we know they will never starve.

Theese are some of the reasons we prioritize school lunches as we do. 

Every school day, we serve breakfast and lunch to 1,500 children in Kenya alone! That means tens of thousands more across the globe!

Watch our co-worker Joseph from Kenya, tell you what the school lunch means to him and his family.

The reality for many parents in Ghana, Kenya, and Haiti is different. There are days when they can not give their child as much as a grain of rice.
Our sometimes exaggerated concern is their grim, heartbreaking reality. Star of Hope's school lunch is their salvation for many.

It saves children from their hunger and frees their parents from their despair. In addition, school meals ensure that our investments in education are not wasted. Not even a prodigy can keep up with the lesson if the stomach is empty. Children need the energy from food to learn, and our school kitchens make sure they get it. We have done the right thing by investing in school food - but we must invest more.

I want to ensure that no child in our schools goes hungry in a single day. With food in their stomachs, they have at our schools the conditions to become educated and shape their own future.

I feel it is the children's right and the parents' dream.

What I want you to do now is click on one of the links below and help us with just one of the nearly 20,000 meals we give daily.

Join us and provide lunches to kids. Turn the dream of food into reality. Become a lunch buddy.

Think you can do more? Become a crowdfunding team leader and give lunches as a group.

Text "lunch" to 71777 if you prefer and see what happens.


Thank you! 

Mark Presson



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