This month I received a powerful letter from Haiti. I thought this was so strong and the message worked for any place in the world where we work. The situation, Covid, politics, and the need for the love of Christ to sweep through all minds and hearts.

Myrta from Haiti writes a great letter for November- December.

Dear Friend,
What a year it has been for the entire world!!!
We fully sympathize with you and your loved ones for any hardship and headache that you may have endured because of Covid-19.

Regardless of how bad things have been, Christmas will come. We will celebrate it and Jesus. The spirit of loving and giving thanks transcends all! It is in that spirit that our team, and on behalf of the children, and families who benefited from your generous support, we would like to wish you a very merry Christmas.

This year again, you showed up, and you showed us in a big way!!! Although things are challenging all over the world, and even in your own lives, your support to the children did not waiver. For that, the children and their communities are grateful beyond words. We are so grateful that you are always on our side during our worst moments.

school_supplies_1.JPGHere in Haiti, 2020 has been one of the most challenging years in recent times. In addition to Covid-19, other factors such as extreme poverty, the deepening of the political crisis, and the forever-worsening social-economic challenges have made living even more difficult for all.

One good news that we can only attribute to God's love, is that Covid-19 contamination and death rates have remained low. For a country where living conditions, poverty, and other factors made it impossible to implement all Covid-19 safety guidelines; everyone expected the worst.

Next year, 2021, will most likely be as challenging as 2020, if not worse. The political situation is expected to boil over all throughout next year and will by default make all the other issues even more challenging, including the continued impact of Covid-19.

We pray for a breakthrough for us and for you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us here in Haiti.
With Love, Myrtha

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