Visiting Haiti always affects me in many different ways. This last trip was no different. Looking into the eyes of the children, so bright and full of life saddened me tbis time. I thought of the life before them. It will be hard.Bois Negresse Life

I watched as the Wetig family came to grips with the realization that what they held as a worldview needed to be changed. For Jamie Wetig he came to see a young Haitian girl we met high in the mountains as a family member. He saw her as his daughter. Then he acted and chose to become her sponsor. He saw with his heart.

Jamie Wetig Learns how hard this is!

Upon returning home my wife Linda found "the song"  I want to share it with you. It is filmed in a children's home not far from our Marigot School.


Please consider becoming a sponsor. Just $1 a day makes it possible for a child to go to school.  Can you spare a dollar? They could be your sons and daughters.


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