Scott Tillotson, August 22, 2013.  Chase, Debbie and I have completed our formal sharing about Chase's disease, our experience as a family, physical therapy and nutrition.

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We have been experiencing the mountains with other parents and children at the conference.

I'm not sure how popular the fist bump was in Romania, but Chase has been winning people over. Many of the children (and adults) have switched from a handshakes to fist bumps.

Several families have asked to have pictures taken with us. I have mixed feelings about that. We aren't rock stars yet I'm pleased that what we've been able to communicate, has been well enough received, to merit the honor of being photographed with these wonderful families. The smiles of their children make the sun seem to shine a little brighter.


Even though communication is often difficult, the other parents and children have reached out to us wanting us to know their thoughts and to learn of ours. We have been blessed and God is using our communication in spite of our poor to nonexistent Romanian.
Today we were in the Carpathian Mountains near Bran Castle with Switzerland like scenery.

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