This week all the public schools in Montes Claros contributed to an exhibition in the Cultural Center downtown. All the children made artworks in the theme: "The time machine: the dinosaur era". The children at Star of Hope Montes Claros couldn't miss this event and made some great dinosaur artworks too.



Facts: Brazil

Population: 196,655,014 (2011)
Government: Republic
Area: 3,296,310 sq miles
Capital: Brasilia, 2,500,000 residents (Estimation: 2010)
Population Growth: 0,9 % (2010)
Per Capita Income: $2,341 USD (2012)
Currency: Real
Language(s): Portugese and about 180 indian languages.
Primary Exports: Vehicles, minerals, food and metals.
Religion: Majority Catholic.

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