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Aldo is baking

For many years, Star of Hope in Argentina has operated a two-year vocational diploma program in various professions. There are, among others, courses in cooking, baking, weaving, crafts, beauty care and computers.

Aldo, 17, is one of three boys in the vocational baking class of 26 students. He enjoys being in the mix with so many girls but clearly states that was NOT the reason he started. He thinks it is fun to cook, bake and decorate cakes and breads. He believes the course is very instructive and will be of great use in his education.

Aldo says, "I hope to be able to work with this in the future. It is fun and my future goal is to open my own bakery."

He already bakes at home for the family and sells to the neighbor's and on the main road. In this manner, the family is earning at least a little money which is much needed.

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