During recess at Star of Hope elementary school in Mikindani, Kenya, all the boys play soccer. With real soccer balls in short supply, the boys have found ingenious ways to make their own; pressed newspapers, plastic and string and you have a ball that is almost as good as a real one. The girls much prefer "twist" but when everyone is bored there is only one game to play, Mdungunyou! Similar to hopscotch but much harder, do you think you have what it takes to play? Let's find out.


• Draw a playing field with ten squares on a 2 x 5 grid (hopscotch sized squares)

• Then put a rock about the size of a fist on the first square

• The goal of the game is to move the rock from square one to the last square, with your foot. While jumping on the other one.

• The rock may not rest on a line, it must be "pushed" clear on a single "push"

• Your foot may never touch a line

• If (when) any of the two above occur the player will stop and the next player will begin.

• When it is once again your turn you must throw the rock to the square where you were last interrupted

• First to clear all ten squares, wins.

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