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Alejandro Martinez is eleven, and he is a real hotshot at Pajana. It is a game most children in Argentina play as soon as there is time to spare. If you could watch Alejandro play you would think this game simple and easy, simple yes easy? No not at all. Throwing and catching stones the way some of the Argentinean children do takes quite a bit of practice and dexterity.

• Play only takes place with one hand.

• Put five rocks about an inch in diameter on the ground in front of you.

• Throw one of the rocks up in the air and pick up another rock. Catch the rock in the air with the rock you picked up still in your hand.

• Increase the number of rocks you pick up with each throw.

• If you miss a rock at any point you loose and the next player begins his game.

• If you manage to pick up all five rocks you change the rules, now throw one rock up and pick up another. Then you throw both rocks and pick up the third, continue until you throw (and catch) all five rocks with one hand.

• Once you have mastered the game so far try the harder version, catch all rocks with the back of your hand.

• The player with the most successful throws wins.

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