Ebenezer is a happy and alert five year old boy who studies at the Star of Hope preschool in Akobima on the west coast of Ghana. All he has on his mind now however is soccer. The Ghana Black Stars have just qualified for the Soccer World Championship in Germany 2006. All the boys his age have the same dream, to become a professional soccer player. At every opportunity possible they will play soccer.

"Soccer is so much fun. Even though we have bad fields and balls we still have so much fun."

Ebenezer's parents are small scale farmers.They grow corn and plantains. The small family farm is hardly enough to support the five hungry mouths who live on it. It is nearly impossible to make a profit.

"I try to do my best in school so maybe I can get a good job in the future. Then I can help my family," says Ebenezer in decent English. He likes learning new things and he is really good in school.

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18 landerStar of Hope has projects in 15 countries around the world?

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Also every day, more than 30,000 children receive education and care through Star of Hope? Also, we touch over 35,000 children each day with services!


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