Rigaud, Haiti. July 19, 2015 The church in Rigaud, Haiti sponsored and hosted a second Pastors conference. Praise God for a fantastic week of teaching and hearing how God is working in Haiti.Pastors Conference Attendees July 2015

In the days following the conference, a team from the Rigaud church traveled to a mountainous area (Zoranger) and in door-to-door evangelism 28 people decided to follow Jesus Christ.

Pray that these new followers will grow and that men and women of God will disciple them as they grow to maturity.

- Barry Borror

January 13, 2011. Manila, The Philippines

Gani Coruna, Director Star of Hope PhilippinesPray that the contract for the purchase of land for a new school that will allow our compex at TayTay to remain under our control. The final negociations and document preparations are underway. Please pray that Gani will have wisdom the process.

Liling Coruna - Star of Hope Philippines

Liling Coruna, wife of Gani Coruna was taken to the hospital in Manila where she was diagnosed with a heart attack.

Please pray her for speedy and complete recovery as well as a sense of God's presence for her and the family. Liling is a vital part of the work as well often taking time to write sponsors.

 6 December 2011 - Answer to prayer.

Liling has been released from the hospital to the surprise of her doctors. They told her husband, Pastor Gani Coruna, they couldn't understand how she recovered so quickly. Gani told them; "I know... there were people all around the world praying".

Continue to pray that God will restore full strength to Liling and that through this experience people will come to know the power of God and the love of Jesus Christ.

July 16, 2012 Star of Hope Romania Asks Christians Worldwide to Pray for Their Country

"Please ask the Christians from your churches in USA to pray for our country.We are in a very much political and economic crises during this days.The government makes a lot of changing in laws.The president is quitted by the Parliament. On the 29 th of July we will have Referendum to vote for the President.There are very much tensions and there is big fighting between political people.

Beside of this,the normal people are suffering a lot.The investors leave from Romania.There are no jobs.The prices are higher for the food ,for the petrol and maintenance and the people are struggling to survive.

But the mostly we are worry about the ways of acting by the political party.It is so much hate between people.

Thanks very much !"

Star of Hope Romania

 Jamila Holder - Trinidad

This is a sad time and a time for prayer  today in Star of Hope Trinidad. The child in the photo is Jamila Holder, 3 years of age one of the new students enrolled for this term. When Jamila came to Star of Hope Prep School, her health was a bit critical because of her obesity. It has been a challenge for her to walk, talk clearly and even play with the other children. She is a very loving child but has this obesity challenge that has lead her to the hospital in October with a clogged artery. She has been diagnosed with Prader-Willi syndrome.

Today we ask all of you to remember this beautiful, warm, caring and special child, Jamila Holder in your prayers that the great God  we serve will move miraculously on her behalf. Pray that our staff and her mother will be able to care for her in a way that improves her condition.

Pray that our donors will keep their job security

Today's economic climate is creating stress and uncertainty which hurts the sponsored children around the world. Pray that God will calm this sense of apprehension and that donors will feel comfortable in giving.

Maloney Gardens, Trinidad Dec 21, 2011 Prayer Urged for victims of fire.

 On the 21st December 2011 there was a tragic fire of one of the Housing Development Corporation Apartment in Trou Macaque, Laventille which claim the lives of four (4) persons and seven (7) seriously injured while trying to jump from the 4th floor of the apartment for safety. There were no fire escape on the building and before the firefighters, police and ambulance could arrive many feared for their lives and decided to jump to survive.

Four (4) year old Jemina Coy, one of the victim of the tragic event, who is still traumatize have been brought into Star of Hope Trinidad in Maloney, since they had to resort for shelter at a family member home in Building #12 Maloney Gardens. Everything belonging to Jemina and her family was totally destroyed in the fire, but we are doing everything possible to help and make this beautiful miracle be happy along with her family.

Her mother expresses great thanks for the support and warmth she receive from us here in Star of Hope Trinidad. We urge you all throughout the world that receives that story to continue to pray for the many other victims that have been affected from this fire.

Naomi Reid

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