A group of people, an activity, American, Foreign- all of these and more.

We need help putting a new roof on a school. It surely would be nice to have a team come and help with street ministry. No one has been to the far-reaching rural communities in Haiti and the people feel they have been forgotten. Schools and churches have been destroyed by the recent earthquake.

We have few resources and limited tools to complete the needed restoration. Where do they start? Are there any superheroes that will come flying in, spin in circles and fix everything? No, but there is an entity that serves a Higher Being to accomplish seemingly impossible goals.

StarTeam's begins as a concept or an idea. Slowly a group of people come together to form a team. They travel to a specific location on foreign soil for a specific activity. To find out more about this StarTeam read more>>




Did you know that...

18 landerThanks to you, Star of Hope works in 15 countries around the world.

30000 barn

Also because of people like you, more than 30,000 children receive education and care through Star of Hope.


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