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Isaac Lartey is a man doing God's work. Working with Star of Hope Ghana his team is on the front line teaching the children about Christ.

Here is his unedited report with photos.  


27th October 2020.

Dear Madam,
I thank God for His grace and protection towards us in these times, we believe that He will continue to see us through all the challenges yet to come. I send my warmest greeting and well wishes to our sponsors. It is my pleasure to give a report on the assumption of the AWANA Bible studies.

Ghana just as many other countries, has closed all educational institutions as a measure to control the Covid 19 epidemic, this brought the classroom activities to a complete halt. After some time, some schools began online teaching and learning programs but unfortunately, the children in Star of Hope school could not enjoy these innovative learning because our schools are located in the poorest rural areas and where internet is usually no-existent and also the parents cannot afford to buy computers even if the internet was made available.

This situation clearly placed the children in our projects at a disadvantage. Management came up with a brilliant idea of reaching out to the children in their homes whilst still observing all the Covid 19 safety protocols. This was done by the teachers going to the homes and communities where the children reside, grouping them to a maximum of about fifteen, and giving them a lesson for about an hour. This helps the children to be taught even though they are not attending school.

On the wings of this brilliant idea, the AWANA Bible Teaching resumed; we have begun going to the homes of the children, organizing them into groups, and sharing the Gospel with them. I am proud to say to the glory of God that we are well received in their homes; the parents, communities, and the children.

I am very excited because the program resumed at an opportune time because Sunday schools and other church programs for children are on hold for now due to the Covid 19 epidemic, it is, therefore, refreshing to have them back to learn and share the Word of God. I realized that because they have been at home for a number of months without the bible studies, they have forgotten some of the things we previously learned.

Their enthusiasm and willingness to learn about Jesus is very high. In the local area Moree, for instance, we had a hard time controlling the number of children per lesson, when parents heard that we are starting the AWANA program they brought their children to take part and they were more than we could handle at a time. Because of the social distancing protocols, we could not have all of them at the same time but it was heartwarming to see children and their parents all excited about the resumption of the Bible Teaching program. Many other children who were not pupils of our schools also joined in. We are grateful to have the opportunity once again to share and enjoy the Gospel of Jesus with our precious children.

I wish to thank our dear sponsors whose goodwill and financial support make it possible to reach these children with the Gospel of Jesus, special appreciation to Mark Presson for his leadership and vision, may God bless you all.

Thank you. ISAAC NII ADJIN LARTEY - (AWANA Bible Teaching Coordinator)

End of Report


What a Blessing to have people like Iassc and the people helping him. This is Missions as described in the Bible.

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