Soon in the US countless children and youth will continue or start their school year, their education. Going to school is a human right and a prerequisite for people to develop their lives and communities. Yet 61 million children in the world have never set foot in a school building. Rebecca Asadil from Ghana have been thinking hard about this.

The greatest threat to children's education is poverty. Many parents simply can not afford to pay school fees, uniforms and other expenses. Instead, the children help to support the family. These children are then less able to take such care of their health, get a job and an income.

On one of our schools in Ghana's 12-year-old Rebecca Asadil. She has thought a lot about the school and the role of education for children and the country's development:

What do you think about school, Rebecca?

I think school is very important. Education is the key to development in Ghana. Nowadays there are better educational opportunities in Ghana than before, though still there are many really good kids who do not get the chance to go to school because they come from poor families.

Is there anything you do not like about school?

There are differences in the Ghanaian educational system in men and women in Ghana. It's bad. There is no doubt that some parts of Ghana just focus on boys' education. Many parents say they do not intend to waste their money on the girls, because they will soon get married and then they do not need any training, because they will stay home and take care of the kids and the house. I think that is wrong. Parents should not think that the girls' place is in the kitchen, but make sure they get an education!

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Facts: Ghana

Population: 23,900,000
Government: Republic
Area: 92,099 square miles
Capital: Accra
Per Capita Income: $790 USD
Currency: Ghana cedi;GHC
Languages: Official Language, English
Primary Exports: Gold, Cocoa, Wood
Religion: About 60% Christian