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Star of Hope, being a bible-based missions organization does many works to help children and their families, communities to get into a position to hear the Gospel.

It is always a great honor to read a report from a true mission people, the ones sharing the gospel to their country. 

ISAAC NII ADJIN LARTEY is such a person, please enjoy his unedited report for March from the work in Ghana.




Dear Donors,

It is yet my privilege again to share how we are reaching the Word of God to these children. I hope all is well with our dear Sponsors.


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As we continue to make life as normal as possible in the face of these abnormal times, we are also mindful of the God factor in all these. As I always do, I begin my lessons by asking the children to show by hands those who attended church the Sunday prior and also for them to tell me what the Sunday school Teacher or the Pastor taught, I have noticed a gradual increase in the number of children that attend church, maybe because they know they would receive a recommendation and applause from me and possibly a candy or they are becoming more interested in the Gospel. It is also refreshing to notice that church activities are slowly picking up whilst the safety protocols are observed after several month's break. 

It has always been a challenge for children to obey all the Covid-19 safety protocols because even as adults it not easy. So to encourage them to always obey these safety protocols, I used the story of one of the plagues God brought upon Egypt in Exodus Chapter 11 and how the Israelites were spared because they obey specific instructions of God. I drew their minds to the fact that the Israelites did not suffer the plagues as the Egyptians did because they obeyed what Moses told them to do, so like little children they should also obey all the instructions given by their teachers and parents about the pandemic and with God’s grace they would be safe from contracting the virus. 

At Akobima Project, I noticed that about five children did not come to school with nose masks so the teachers asked them to go home and bring them, fortunately, they live close by so they quickly returned with them. The teachers however assured me that they have spare masks for children who genuinely do not have them. Also during my visit to Dominase Project, I observed that the children comply with all the safety protocols like wearing masks all the time as well as frequently washing their hands; I commend the teachers for doing a good job. All the other Projects are doing their best to comply.   

As teachers and parents, we cannot get tired of instructing and reminding our children about the dangers of the Covid-19 virus; it is now a daily routine. We continue to share the Word of God to our dear children and we try to make it interesting, exciting, practical, and applicable to their everyday lives so that they would not only be hearers of the Word but also doers to transform their lives to godly ones to the glory and honor of God.

I consider it a privilege to be allowed to be part of the Bible Teaching Programme. My appreciation goes to all who make it possible; may God bless you all.



(Star of Hope - AWANA Bible Teaching Coordinator)

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Facts: Ghana

Population: 23,900,000
Government: Republic
Area: 92,099 square miles
Capital: Accra
Per Capita Income: $790 USD
Currency: Ghana cedi;GHC
Languages: Official Language, English
Primary Exports: Gold, Cocoa, Wood
Religion: About 60% Christian