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Everyone knows about the earthquake that shook Haiti to the ground on January 12, 2010. Saving the lives of as many people as possible was the first and most urgent need. The world responded immediately and mightily.

Once the "dust" settled everyone set out to return to a new normal. Thousands of school children returned to a place called school. For many the school was gone and they had to make do with makeshift facilities. Rebuilding the schools became a priority because everyone knows that without an education there is no future. In Haiti, more than any other country, this rings true. Education is their only hope for a future out of abject poverty and maybe even survival itself. Star of Hope provided emergency food, shelter and water treatment to prevent cholera. We built five (5) new schools. Now it is time to focus on another aspect of saving lives.

Two churches were destroyed in the earthquake, one was badly damaged. Yes, people can worship under the stars and by merely looking at the creation that surround them but ....that church edifice in priceless in the Haitian culture. It is the symbol of life in their villages. It holds the community together. The Haitians have multiple church services during a 7 day period. They come together as community. It is the gathering place for the youth. The farmers of a cooperative use the edifice as their meeting place. The church usually has a generator large enough to run the sound systems and electrical musical equipment. Most rural churches will have a designated area in which the people can even plug in their cell phones to recharge during the service. It is a multipurpose building but let us not forget its primary purpose.

This is where God's people congregate to praise, worship and give thanks for what God has provided no matter how meager. They are a people who truly know what it means to give thanks for surviving another week. Think of the church in which you worship this week and as they pass the offering plate consider giving to another body of believers who literally live by God's grace from week to week.


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Three (3) churches:





The average cost per church is $125,000

And they continued stedfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.

Acts 2:42

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