Development in the sewing project with colorful results.

Myrtha Dor reports with a color splash!

Today Star of Hope has proven that it's looking at the cultural life of the children in their school projects by helping them to organize the children carnival in Jeanton that Haitians celebrate every year for 3 days. With the help of 17 students from the Sewing Course in Jeanton and within 3 months of study, they have sew 120 pieces and disguise children from preschool through 2nd grade to participate in this joyful journey at school. This national event had brought joy and happiness into the hearts of many children who were not tired to dance under the eyes of other children and parents.

The Sewing Students are very happy to exercise their capacity in sewing the carnival clothes and lift the challenge by getting them ready before the time needed. Without the support of Star of Hope to get the Sewing Program in Jeanton, these group of Sewing students would of lost the opportunity to know that they can be productive and have a better life from this profession.

Myrtha Dor


Star of Hope, Haiti


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