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What we do for the children means so much and at times it means life.

Consider water for a moment. It is life giving, it takes relatively little to produce too just some capital, some know how, a truck or two and an engaged community.Look at how it works.

For example look at these results just in, Star of Hope has been part of bringing water to more people. Water is talked about so much in all circles of life because it is also the solution to sanitation and hygiene problems in the developing world. Not only life-giving but life sustaining and improving! Together we have helped make great strides to improve the quality of life for the people of Hesse Haiti.


Before we drilled in Hesse it was common to see a long line at the old pumps. The old pumps were spring fed and gave little water and often ran dry. One would see people waiting at the old spring well with empty buckets in hand, so sad to see the fear that the well would run dry.
In the effort to make drinking water available and abundant in the whole community of Hesse, Star of Hope’s plans were to dig four water wells, the wells were planned and dug in four different areas in Hesse. With no real road infrastructure, it was a great challenge just to get the big trucks to the community. To get the trucks on site, people living in the community contributed with labor and made it possible for the trucks to drive up. They were about one hundred men and women who came with picks and shovels, with big smiles on their faces they worked and they sang and it was a commotion when all the tools hit the rocky ground of the old donkey road. They cleared the way for the big trucks to get in. One collective goal on the people's minds, “find water”.

As some farmers lost their new beans crops to drought, they were very happy and excited to get the wells done.

It took the big machines five days to dig four wells in different areas in the community. Water was found in two wells. The population of Hesse was very happy and grateful for this new gift, soon available as the pumps and cement holding pads are being installed right now.


People sang, danced and praised God for and asked for blessings on Star of Hope and all the sponsors who contributed to bringing drinking water in Hesse community.

The population in Hesse is still talking about water that Star of Hopes donors made possible for them.
What a blessing you have been, real change has been created for the Hesse community.

Rich Blessings and thank you for making this happen, for bringing water to the people of Hesse.


WE need more water wells if you are not on board - join us. CLICK HERE

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