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We will stop highlighting the hurricane efforts in Haiti and move on to other news and updates. The disaster is not over and people’s lives are still in peril. Here is the last update.

With your help, Star of Hope has completed nine humanitarian interventions in Haiti due to Hurricane Matthew. That is in simple language nine, 9 trucks full of life-saving food and other necessities delivered to the people who needed it most. Let’s think about how we would feel if we lost everything in a huge storm and there was no food, no open roads, no gasoline and our husbands, wives, sons and daughters were hungry. Mind you this is not “my stomach is rumbling ill grab something from the kitchen hungry” no, this is I have no food hungry. Well, help would be more than welcome, to say the least.

That’s why we do what we do and in this case, to fend off starvation. The interventions were not inexpensive, they were however very much worth it. Help is still needed as crops were destroyed and much time will be needed to get base crops to market! So please, give what you can, to help us continue to help the men women and children. Let's help them till they get their feet on the ground.


We have to do all we can to get the children back to a local normalcy and better!

Here is the last in country report from Tony Boursiquot:

Dear Friends,

The 9th humanitarian food distribution by Star of Hope took place in Jeanton today November 8, 2016. 510 food kits were delivered and transported in unmarked trucks to the area safely. A kit is made up of 25lb of rice, 10lb of pinto beans, 10 lb of sugar, 6 bags or spaghetti, 4 cans of fish, and1/2 gallon of cooking oil. We estimate that the kit should last a family of 6 people around 4 weeks. The target group was families living in Jeanton and covered people coming from 8 nearby villages


As of all the previous distributions, food coupons were delivered door to door to each targeted house the days before the distribution. The slogan remains the same: "One coupon in one house”. The goal was to prevent more than one kit to entire a household. We wanted to touch as many families as possible in this case it was 510.



This distribution went very well as did the previous ones. It was a teamwork between Star of hope and local leaders to carry out the food distribution to the victims with absolute respect and dignity. The distribution started at 10 AM and ended at 11:30. So in less than 2 hours we served 510 people effectively and safely.
All the recipients were very appreciative and happy. They were mainly happy with the quantity, the quality, and safe atmosphere during the distribution. We treated the recipients with utmost respect and they responded in kind who send thanks and gratitude to Star of hope and to all generous donors.

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