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April 2018
News from Haiti
Hesse School Enlargement


7- actual building.jpg

4- concrete roof.jpg

From the beginning of this school year, September 2017, Star of hope decided to enlarge Hesse school building by adding 3 more classrooms and one office to welcome students from 7th to 9th grade.
The school is one of few bright spots in the community. It provides primary education (Preschool to 6th grade) for over 260 students in the past years. But today it welcomes 378 up to 9th grade.

new class-room secondary school.jpg

Since Hesse school only teaches up to 6th-grade level, it is in compliance with the new government guidelines that all schools are required to teach up to the 9th grade a minimum, and that all existing school should endeavor to meet that same requirement.

The existing school property is too small and therefore we transform dining hall building roof from metal tin to a 200 square meters concrete roof, what allowed us building a second floor made of concrete of 3 classrooms to house students grade 7th-9th.

From now, Hesse school compound counts 16 rooms, measure 870m2 divided into 4 modules
Preschool building: 1700 sf
Primary school building: 3300 sf
Secondary I school building: 1700 sf
Office and services building: 3000 sf 

Utilization of actual School Building after it enlarging:
- The 88 preschool children occupy 3 classrooms
- The 240 children in primary school occupy 6 classrooms
- The 66 children in secondary I school level to occupy 3 classrooms
- Office, kitchen, dining hall, storage, and library are housed in 4 rooms.

new class-room.jpg

Duration of the construction:
To enlarge Hesse school building, construction works started in September 2017 and completed in December 2017.

Budget and cost:
The accomplishment to enlarge Hesse school construction was possible with the support of Star of Hope and from the reserve funds of Star of Hope Haiti. For a total of $52,149.73.
It is a special occasion to thank star of hope international and all Sponsors for making it possible for Hesse while we are searching financial support to help Jeanton, Marigot and B.Negresse to enlarge as well their school building to be able to house student’s grade 7th - 9th.

God bless you all! - Tony B Star of Hope Haiti

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