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Update on our projects in Haiti Nov 4 - 11


Dear friends,
The least that can be said so far is that the situation has not changed yet and that the majority Haitians continue to fight in large numbers on the streets to ask the president to resign from his function.

The main roads leading to provincial towns are still blocked by trucks, trees and fired tires protected by sometimes armed protesters. Businesses and schools remained inactive, waiting for a positive outcome to the crisis and that which is causing severe food crisis.

I must also remind you that among the 7 schools of Star of Hope continued to function while the other 4 remained closed. At the same time, we are preparing an implementation plan for the acquisition of over 6,000 Christmas gift kits available by December 9th.


We always want to keep the plan of 3,400 gift bags to offer as Christmas presents to children and 3,000 food kits to parents. Even when we are unsure that we will be able to do so. But we will start creating kits as we start getting funding for the project.

It will take more than a month to buy and pack the gift bags and food kits.
humanitarian_disaster_relief_in_all_star_of_projects_in_2015.JPGYours faithfully.

Update  Nov 11

Attendance of Dano school today is 500 from preschool to high school working in two shifts, morning from 7 to 1:00 pm for children preschool and primary level and afternoon from 1:00 to 7 pm for secondary level.

Since the crisis that causes food crisis school lunch has been served one hour earlier than usual because the majority of children come to school sad and angry because of food shortage in the Country. In Dano school children eat by group 100 because they are to many to be served all together once’s. 10 employees to help in the kitchen to get food ready before 9:00 AM every day. It is the scenario in all 7 schools supported by Star of Hope in Haiti.
Thank you to all of you for Star of Hope schools support.
Yours faithfully.

Mark Presson CEO ads, what tony is writing is actually hopeful.

The staff in Haiti hopes and wants to send a message of hope and love, it s the gift bags and the food kits that are needed this time of year to sent the needed message.

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