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Haiti Reports,

Dear Friend,
Today, everything is going well in Haiti, social and economic life returns to normal after 2 weeks of political and economic turmoil that shook the entire country from 7 to 17 February. From today schools in general reopened doors for good and all children go to school in all corners and roots of Haiti. All 7 schools supported by Star of Hope are now running at full capacity. It has been reported today that all school activities work and attendance reaches 100% in all Star of Hope schools.

After 2 weeks of forced holidays, children are very happy to return to school.

Today the government is setting up a committee of 7 members to facilitate the dialogue between members of the government and those of the opposition to find a solution to the economic and political crisis that is causing the anger of the population to use violence to protest against the high cost of living and against corruption in public administrations.

Please see foto taken today in the school in Jeanton that show that Star of Hope schools and all school, in general, are working as usual from today.
Tony B Star of Hope Haiti

Note from Star of Hope - food shortages and inflation are almost impossible to explain, know this the situation is taxing all Star of Hopes budget. If you can please help with food costs. Donate on this page.

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