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Dear Friends,

Tomorrow (this is a delayed article) will be the first day of the opening of the new 2020-2021 school year in Haiti. Political opponents have already announced two days of demonstration and two days of strike for the opening week of the start of the school year to protest against to force the president to resign at the end of his term, on February 7, 2021, and to protest against the climate of insecurity throughout the whole Country. 



However, the 7 schools supported by Star of Hope will be open to accommodate over 3,000 children on the first day of the new school year.

Two weeks ago, Star of Hope hosted an update meeting with all the school principals on their preparations during the month of October for the new school year. The exchange of information between school principals on the preparations underway for the opening was not only reassuring but shows that all Star of Hope schools will be ready to welcome all children from the first day of the school calendar which is scheduled this year two months late due to the coronavirus.

Thanks to the support of Star of Hope and the efforts of local organizations, most school programs will be implemented free of charge in all schools of Star of Hope to make it easier for children to go back to school easier this year than last year. 
- The cleaning, maintenance, and repairs of school buildings and the environment have already been carried out.
- Food for the school lunch, health products, and first aid drugs have already been delivered and available in each school.
- School materials and supplies: notebooks, pencil, sharpener, pen, rulers, etc. ... are also available to be distributed free of charge to all students on the first day of class.
- All classrooms are properly equipped according to the number of students enrolled.
- All 273 employees of the 7 schools of Star of Hope will be present to teach, take care, and feed the students every school day.
- For the first quarter of the school year, pupils are allowed to come to school with or without school uniforms.
- Star of Hope has already paid 80% of all schoolchildren's tuition
- While strikes and demonstrations are planned for this first week of school, Star of Hope will begin its inspection visits to schools from the second week. Meanwhile, we will stay in contact with school leaders to know about the first-week school opening.

Last Friday, Our school in Hesse organized a small party for the pupils to end the holidays with joy and to motivate them above all to come to school on the first day of the opening of the new school year. On this occasion, the children had fun participating in song and dance programs, a special dinner was served with avocados and a football game between primary and secondary students was also held to close the party.  

And since all students of all levels were present at the party, the leaders took the opportunity to distribute school materials and supplies to all the students who in turn were very grateful to say thank you to all the sponsors of Star of Hope for this support.


Hi, we say thank you!

I will keep you informed of the opening of the new school year as often as I can.

Stay safe!
Tony B - Haiti


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