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Thank you to all who gave to the Argentina flooding efforts, you are heroes!

We live in a time where one is forced to throttle how much news we ingest and or just bypass news totally. Both have pros and cons but the news cycle is tainted and we are beginning to believe just what we see or hear from a “trusted” source. One way I keep it real; this also helps me do in my walk with Christ, is to look at as much positive news as negative. Therefore, I am happy that this letter is mostly positive!

There are 3 sections in this letter, first this report from our partners at “Grace Ministries” in Haiti. Sister Doris June writes about the Boys Home we support in Port au Prince, she writes to us in this edited post:



Many of you have been praying for the Boys Home to find a couple to help as House Parents. In September 2017 I talked to a local “Teen Challenge” Pastor, Eric, about the need and asked him to pray for a couple that has a heart for children. Prayers have been answered and Brother and Sister Samuel, are a young couple who are coming to help us with the Boys Home. They already visited twice and are willing to help us. Samuel’s wife is expecting their first child, yet she is willing to move and live with us to help with the Boys Home.

Our Big Need right now is to prepare the apartment in the back near the Boys Home. We need to paint, plumb, do electric work, and tile the 2 small rooms. The estimated cost is $1000.00 to fix everything. We have everyone ready to get it done we just need funding. We are also talking with them about Salary. Help with that expense would be great too.

Please keep Samuel and His wife in your prayers as they prepare for the birth of their child and that we can get funding as soon as possible so we can move them in as quickly. Thank you so very much for your Love and support for the Boys Home.

Sister Doris Jeune


Next is news from Haiti where Star of Hope’s pilot project with “Awana International” and Pastor Reginald Celestin is underway. Pastor Reginald’s position will provide support to the students in the school, keep a loving eye on them, and help them with their Christian development. This project is to incorporate the International Awana program and help usher those lessons into Star of Hope Haiti’s student core and communities. This is a pilot project for future analysis and possible implementation in different countries.

This position will also support the full time local Haitian pastor’s development, find out the needs and desires of the pastors, help keep the pastoral staff together and help develop them into a unified team that serves the children for Christ.

The pastor will also audit the evangelization capacity of all the churches and all seven schools and then look at and document their strengths and weaknesses.

Pastor Reggie will work for Star of Hope Haiti. He is supported in part by Parkview Baptist Church in Lexington, NE, who has a long-term relationship with helping Haiti and partners with Jeanton project.

park view and jeanton schl-church leaders 600.jpg

Third, another short-term trip to Haiti by Parkview took place. This trip was very special since it happened after Pastor Reginald started his employment. The team was able to have meetings to exchange ideas about the best way to implement a new Christian education program in the school and in the church in Jeanton. We were lucky to have Bryant Birney lead the trip, we thank Buzz and Live Like Jesus Today for his help.

It was also an opportunity for leaders to address other needs of the school and church, a great day. After the meeting, it was time to distribute gifts to all church and school personnel including class materials, gifts, and soccer balls for children to play at recreation time. The team visited with students to meet them in their classroom, to serve them a meal, to give them gifts and find time to play with them and just spend time together

They will be meeting with project leaders to discuss and exchange ideas on evangelical program support. Additionally, they will help with kitchen duties such as cooking, serving, and cleaning; and they will also distribute soccer balls and other gifts they brought along for the students.

We would like to take advantage of this opportunity to thank the #Parkviewfamily for the new and recent funding and cooperation to support the school and church Christian program in Jeanton. Star of Hope is proud to have Parkview and the @parkviewfamilylexington as longterm partners.

Contact me when you are ready to learn about partnering with a Star of Hope project or perhaps take a mission trip and find your next partner.

Yes, you can partner with the field office directly, in different countries, is this for your church body or club?

Peace and pray for all who are sick where you are and all over the globe.

Mark Presson


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