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Text and photos - Tony Boursiquot  
School supplies Fall 2017

Dear friends, in spite of political unrest, Star of Hope Haiti continue the school material and book bag distribution activities at Star of Hope (SOH) schools in #Haiti.
We plan to give a total of 3000 book bags (backpacks) and school materials like notebooks, pen, pencil, eraser, pencil sharpeners, rulers, geometric supplies, etc.
Rigaud, Boyer has already received but today we are in Jeanton Haiti. They received 340 book bags, for children from preschool to 6th grade and enough school materials for all children up to 9th grade.

Jeanton school has been supported by the Star of Hope since 1989. The cooperation started from scratch but today lot of development work has been realized to improve the condition of life of the Jeanton population in terms of education, agriculture, livestock, and water projects.

The school welcomes today 522 children; 257 girls and 265 boys from preschool to grade 9 and has plans to extend up to grade 13; in the US this would be equivalent to 12.
Last month, all schools have received food stocks and uniforms for the students, but it is this week due to the security issues that we send out book bags and #school #materials. If the political situation in the street becomes better we will continue distributing school materials in tomorrow in; Hesse, Dano and then on Tuesday, in Marigot and Friday or near then in Boise Negresse.


A demonstration this week, some are angry over new taxes and other changes. 

Children in Jeanton are very happy and thankful for all the book bags and materials that their sponsor sent to them through SOH.
Thank you for your support and prayers.
Tony Boursiquot - Star of Hope Haiti

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