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Dear friends,
It is so bad! The protests continue in Haiti to overthrow the president. We are in the seventh week of demonstration, which makes the living conditions of the population even more fragile than it was. Protests are increasing day after day but less violent than before.
Even if we have not yet found a way out of the crisis, there is a tentative recovery in business and transportation. However, it is always dangerous to travel long distances. because the barricades are guarded by gunmen who ransom, plunder and attack if they let drivers and passengers pass is in question. That is why we have canceled all visits and transportation to the projects until the situation will be safe enough to drive to the projects.
The schools have remained closed all over the country. Protesters become impatient, they are looking for the resignation of the president.
There is a rumor that frequent peaceful fights would be turned into an armed force to force President Jovenel to step down from power.

Four of the 7 schools supported by Star of Hope remain closed because of insecurity but the other 3 are still open.

As soon as the conditions are met, we will start making follow-up school visits to re-launch part of the back to school programs that are delayed due to the crisis. This includes school supplies kits, class-room furniture, 3000 book bags, 354 chickens and 382 gifts of special gift money envelopes to children and families.

Besides the above school program distribution to be completed soon, we would like to give Christmas food kits to all children’s parents of SOH schools affected by severe food crisis provoked the long-lasting political crisis in the country.


To do so we need your help to organize fundraising among children sponsors to buy 3000 food kits. Each kit will be enough to feed a family of 6 for one month: 12kg of rice, 5kg of beans, 1galon of cooking oil, 5kg of sugar. this kite will be donated in December as Christmas presents to 3,000 parents in 7 villages. each kit will cost an average of $ 50 and that includes logistics and operating costs.
Thank you in advance for your help


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