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Star of Hope in Haiti must provide 640,000 lunches each year to feed the kids in our schools. That's a BIG number. But each lunch is only 25 cents!

Reza and Star of Hope have teamed up to spread the word about this need to show you how a $10 bill can help bring that number down, 40 lunches at a time.

Because,  No Food = No School = No Future 

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No Food = No School = No Future

Haiti in Focus

We are helping to make sure kids have a good lunch in Haitian schools. Recent changes in that country have made it difficult for Star of Hope to meet the needs of the more than 3,000 children in their schools, and the lunch is a big problem.

It is easy to help with a small monthly gift and I/we feel we are actually making a difference with ours. Each school lunch only costs 25 cents. That’s right, with a monthly donation of just $10 you can provide lunch all month long for two kids.

For many Haitian children, the lunch they receive at school is the main meal of the day. Without it they will go hungry.

Just 25 cents is all it takes to serve a Haitian child their staple meal of the day, school lunch. When we learned that changes in Haiti have hurt the school lunch program, we decided to help and ask you to join us and do the same.

For a monthly donation of $10, you can provide 40 lunches. That’s meals for two children - for a complete month of school.

Please show your generosity with a consistent gift so that we know we can feed these kids.

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