Thank you for reaching out to me, as I understand it you want to help the marginalized in Haiti, both in and outside of Star of Hope projects.

I also understand you are open to different methodologies to raise funds and that you're very interested not only to help but also to be enabled to trace the money to Haiti as well as the stakeholders and recipients themselves.

Star of Hope is a 501c3 currently with good corporate status with the state of Kansas and Florida and the federal government including the IRS. We are registered in the state of Georgia as well.

As you already know people don't really give to an organization unless it is a huge very established organization. Most people usually give because they have a personal relationship with someone or something in that organization, just like you do, so thank you for your trust.

I'm sure Tony would tell you that through Star of Hope Sweden, all the Star of Hopes has sent over $250,000 for emergency food after Hurricane Matthew. Unfortunately, that's just a drop in the bucket. Therefore the first thing I'd like to discuss is the different ways we together can do this, alleviate some suffering in Haiti and create hope.


The first thing, of course, is an event, this is absolutely the best way and the most fruitful. I want to let you know already from the get-go that these events require a local manager and in this case that manager is you. A key to success is to have between four and eight (4-8) helpers: usually couples who have some kind of network they can draw and invite people from. After we have those two things it's just to book a venue and schedule the date of the event together, with my help.

Star 36 Challenge-

Our events are called, “Star 36 Challenges” and I will at the end of this document give you the link to where you can find the instructions for such an event as well as a short version of instructions for the event. One thing that helps to have in mind now is that you Glorie will be the host and at the event, we must prepare the event to spin off 1 or 2 more hosts to do a new event, hence the need to include people who share our vision and also have a network of their own.

Why Star 36? This is to raise 1000 dollars or more from each participant over 3 years, that's only 27 bucks a month. We produce the show, the on screen and sound and video bits.

Workplace Giving- 

The next thing, in your case, might be workplace giving Because you work for an organization that has somewhere between 1 to 5000 employees this should be investigated.I don't know the corporate culture at MedStar. I believe you said that you had been talking to them already if not you and I could write a letter short to-the-point, and include an ACH sign up form for a one-time or a recurring gift. Also alternatively your human resource or pay manager could offer payroll deduction of a small amount per month.

Mobile apps and text to give-

The next tool would be via mobile applications “text to give” there's three different flavors and corresponding web pages for computer users,

the first one is text in to give $10 or so directly from your phone bill

the second one is text in to give her a recurring gift on your telephone bill and or on a credit card all done through your mobile phone

the third flavor is crowdfunding where you will create your very own crowdfunding page with your picture and your message that you share with your friends. Then some of them might choose to do the same thing and create yet again their own page with their photo and own text message.

Web pages-

Then we have a course a web page of your choice or we can make special page especially for you and your group. That way some who do not like mobile giving can go to the web if they want to go in that way and give

Call Toll-free 1 866 653 0321

If they still do not like web giving they can call and give a credit card to us.


Star of Hope, PO Box 427, Ellinwood Kansas, 67526

If they still do not trust that they can send a check.

Call me

Mark Presson 620 204 1865, some feel good if they talk to a CEO


They can give you cash and you send a check.


We can with your supplied addresses send a joint letter and follow up.

In conclusion, all of these things will be to help victims get their food kids and other needed items. With the Star 36 model we can budget help now and in the future, this is so much better than one-time help!

Mark Presson, CEO 866 653 0321







Did you know that...

18 landerThanks to you, Star of Hope works in 15 countries around the world.

30000 barn

Also because of people like you, more than 30,000 children receive education and care through Star of Hope.


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