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The results from the Kenyan national school tests for eighth-graders have been announced by the Ministry of Education.

All 76 eighth graders from our schools in Mikindani and Jimba passed the exams and therefore qualified for high school.

It went very well for Sera from Jimba in the picture above. With her great results, she can now apply to the best schools. The development in the small village outside Mombasa has been outstanding since we started working there 15 years ago. Then, there was only a small preschool built of clay. Gradually we have developed the school and for the past two years, it has been offering all grades up to the final eighth grade.

We thank you for the enormous support you have shown the children in Kenya. Thanks to all individuals, organizations, and companies, we have together developed the work and achieved fantastic results. Many thanks!


We wish all graduating students good luck when they soon continue their studies.

Read more about our work in Kenya by clicking here.

John was the student at our primary school in Mikindani with the best exam results. Good luck in the future John.
To achieve the best possible results, preparations began in January with extra lessons several times a week.

Before the exams, teacher Nelson gathered eighth-graders at weekly meetings for inspirational talks.

Teacher Wende is the class teacher in grade eight. He is passionate about his job and does everything he can for the students to succeed.

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Together we can develop the work even more!
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