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Update from STAR OF HOPE KENYA  

Report and photos from Star of Hope Kenya and Kenya Director Gilbert Ochieng

Hello Star of hope family and supporters, receive greetings from the children and staff at Star of Hope Kenya family.
We had a great month in May. We thank God that it has stopped raining after it flooded across many parts of the country in the last three months. Our children had a wonderful time with their families and friends during the one-month holiday they had in April 2018. We are happy to have them back to school ready to learn and interact with their peers.
We have continued to provide education and a feeding program to 1329 children and 27 youths across our school projects. Our children have continued to receive a quality education as they interact and play with their friends during their time in school. Here are the highlights of May 2018;
1. Learning
2. Feeding Program
3. Self-sufficiency projects

Learning resumed smoothly across all our schools; Mikindani Nursery, Jimba Primary and Living Word Primary Schools. 1329 children have continued to benefit from the school programs, Christian teachings, and love across our projects. 27 youths have also continued to receive their training in tailoring, dressmaking, and embroidery at Star of hope Training Institute.

Figure 1: Learning in Mikindani Nursery


Figure 2: Playtime in Mikindani


Figure 3: Learning in Jimba Nursery and primary school

Figure 4: Playtime in Jimba

Figure 5: Training institute tailoring class going on

The feeding program kicked off immediately after we reopened school for the second term of the year. The children of Star of hope Kenya send their deepest gratitude to all our well-wishers for supporting the school feeding program which is a vital part of our mission to provide a holistic environment for our children to learn and grow. We appreciate you all for supporting a balanced diet for their healthy growth and development throughout their time in school. God bless you and we love you.
Figure 6: Porridge time in Jimba

Figure 7: Lunchtime in Jimba

You have continued to make it possible for these children to actively participate in school activities after taking the 10 o’clock porridge and the 12-noon lunch. This has made their afternoon nap a comfortable one and the afternoon lessons lively. Because of you, our children have a healthy smile.


Gunnar Water
Gunnar bottled water production has continued to be our main self-sustainability project.

Figure 8: Gunnar water - salesman on the move

Figure 9: Gunnar bottled water

We experienced heavy rains in the last three months and our farm in Mikindani is doing great!
Figure 10: Selling vegetables to the locals


Figure 11: Farm maintenance


Figure 12: Our Pigs

Star of hope Kenya family thanks all our donors and well-wishers for your good thoughts towards helping a needy child in our community here in Mombasa Kenya.
Hope makes a difference.
God bless you all.
Warm Regards,
Country Director,

Report and photos from Star of Hope Kenya and Kenya Director Gilbert Ochieng

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