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Dear Friends,
We hope you had a wonderful month filled with joy and happiness. We thank God for another exciting month of making a difference in our communities here in Mombasa Kenya. We provided quality basic primary education and school feeding program to 201 grade 4 & grade 8 children and 9 youths from destitute backgrounds in our communities here in Mombasa Kenya. We reopened school for the Second Term on October 12, 2020, for Grade 4 and Grade 8 pupils across all our projects. Our children were very happy to reunite with their friends. We thank all our well-wishers for your generous support towards building a brighter future for our children. God bless you.

Here are the highlights of the month of October 2020.
1. Learning Activities
2. School Feeding Program
3. Corona Virus Preparedness
4. Pastoral Care Program

1. Learning Activities

In October, the learning process resumed smoothly across all our schools in Mikindani and Jimba. 201 children were beneficiaries of the school programs across our projects. 9 youths continued with their training in tailoring, dressmaking, and embroidery at Star of hope Training Institute. All our pupils have continued to adhere to the mandatory use of facemasks and monitoring of body temperatures.


Thank you to our well-wishers for supporting our efforts to keep our children safe during this pandemic.



We are grateful to God for the progress we have made Post-pandemic period. Our Grade 4 and Class 8 pupils completed their Continuous Assessment Test which kicked off during the last week of the month. We thank you for being a friend to our children and the community at large.

2. School Feeding Program


The school feeding program has always been a vital part of our mission. 201 children and 9 youths across our projects have continued to enjoy free porridge break and lunch every day since they reopened school.


Thank you for supporting their nourishment during their time in school. God bless you. Thank you for supporting this vital program.

3. Coronavirus Pandemic preparedness

We thank you all for supporting our efforts to make renovations of our school infrastructure. All our children have been provided with two reusable face masks to use during their time in school.


Tap water points have been strategically placed in our schools for our children to keep their hands clean.


4. Pastoral Care Program

This program has continued to elevate the self-esteem and general wellbeing of our teenage children across Mikindani and Jimba village. 124 teenage girls from Star of Hope Jimba Nursery and primary school received their package of self-hygiene products which include bathing soap, body lotion, toothpaste and sanitary towels.

Our deepest regards go to all well-wishers and friends for supporting our efforts to continue creating change in our local communities here in Mombasa Kenya. God bless you abundantly.

Best Regards,
Gilbert Ochieng,
Operations Director - Star of Hope International Foundation Kenya

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