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You are important to our girls they do not know you still our girls are in danger!

We are feeding children and families in Kenya as well and providing first-class education with stellar results. In COVID times we monitor the people in our local work areas more often to find those most at risk so we can help faster.

New support work is in place to monitor the families for nonacceptable behavior, behavior that is on the rise.

We must do more. Life and living are so much worse for the vulnerable children and youth in places like the Philippines and Kenya than here. We are now forced to run support systems for girls and youth at risk of being coaxed into horrible behavior. Please "make a decision now" to help the girls with, feeding, support, and critical interventions.

The rest of the article is about a despicable topic, child prostitution. We must tell you about it and how our interventions are chained to feeding, monitoring, education, and Christian interventions by professional staff members.


Gilbert Ochieng the director of Country operations in Kenya, responded to a US Board of Director's question about the situation of the girls. You see the board member asked about the real facts behind internet reports she had read. The reports said simply; many young girls around the world are being coaxed into prostitution by family members. Selling them as a way to get food on the family table during this pandemic. This is worse than the CORONA pandemic. Just horrible!!


Gilbert will address this problem with action. Gilbert is a Pastor, a college degree holder, and a businessman. He is timid. He does not want to spell out the facts as this group, the girls, are his extended family, the 500 families in his support area. You see Gilbert is in charge of Star of Hope and Tent Mission in all of Kenya.

About the girls and the horror. This practice has been an ugly truth for years and years here on earth. However, Star of Hope has never had reports citing the huge increase and the numbers that are being reported now. Keep in mind that each report we receive and the individual numbers that are given are representative of a crushed life and a crushed family. The horror continues with all the collateral damage that ensues. 

If this was reported in your neighborhood or on your street, would you take action? How would that look?

Here is Gilbert's letter to our board member:

Thank you for the good thoughts that you have for our Kenyan families during this pandemic. As you pointed out, yes our teenage girls have become vulnerable to teenage prostitution during this time and we must support them through the Relief Food Program and social support system to ensure their safety.

Quick facts about Star of Hope Kenya Families

1. We have about 500 families across all School Projects in Mikindani and Jimba Village.

2.      250 families are in extremely terrible situations and cannot support themselves due to the impact of the COVID19 pandemic.

3.      150 families are doing fairly well because their breadwinners depend on casual jobs

4.      100 of our Kenyan families can take care of themselves because their breadwinners are employed, but due to the pandemic; 20% of these families have losttheir jobs and the other 80% of these families have undergone pay cuts but can at least provide for their families.

5. At least every family in our school projects has a teenage girl amongst their members.

6. A total of 270 families out of 500 families are in dire need of our food assistance.


What we have achieved with the Relief Food Program to Control Teenage Abuse 

1. We are so grateful that through the support from Star of Hope, we have been able to run the Relief food program throughout this pandemic. This has helped our destitute parents to avoid the temptation of subjecting their girls to teenage prostitution just to put food on the table. 

2. We have focused on giving more food packs to families with many teenage girls and those families being supported by single mothers. This way, they have enough food for the month.

3. We are introducing pastoral care for the girl child program to better address the challenges our girls are going through at the moment. The Kenyan government has allowed for church gatherings to take place and therefore we are taking advantage of this opportunity to meet our girls. Starting 24th August 2020, we are meeting all our girls at the Word of Life Faith church in Mikindani twice a month ( every first Monday and Tuesday of the month ) to discuss their challenges. 

One of the main challenges that we have been informed of is that they are having a hard time accessing sanitary towels. We will address this issue together with other issues that we will find out through our meetings.

What is required to meet the food needs of the 270 families?

A food package worth Kshs. 6,000 / $55 can last One family of 5 members for one month.

Currently, due to limited resources, we have been able to provide food packages worth Kshs. 3,000 / $28 each to 250 families through our Relief Food Program each month.


Budget Summary

One Food package = Kshs. 6,000 / $55

270 Food packages = (270 x 6,000) Kshs.1, 620,000 / $15,000


Thank you ahead of time for supporting our teenage girls during these tough times. May God bless you all abundantly. Please feel free to make any inquiries regarding the above information.


Rev. Gilbert.


Star of Hope USA will help the families that Gilbert is most worried about and especially the girls through our 50-50 program. The simple question is will you help too?

We will use the 50-50 campaign. 

50% Food 50% Missions - Let me break it down, 50% of your gift will go to emergency food to feed the families and 50% will go to support the program where the pastors and staff care for the girls in danger. Let us not sugarcoat this. 

I am informing you about a response, the girls in danger program will address keeping young girls from being coaxed into prostitution by their families just for food or cash. This is not nice or easy to write but this is the enemy, devilish practices that we need to fight with our blessings and prayers.  

No More Horror!

Again, the program is geared to the children who themselves are in danger of being bought and sold for whatever. 

We ask you now again, to act, I ask for a financial gift, can you help the girls and protect them? 


You can also contact us with alternative methods to help the girls.

We are praying for all gifts but a miracle gift would be 1000 dollars from 15 people or groups that would keep the girls in danger program running to the end of the year and save more girls!

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Facts: Kenya

Population: 41,609,728 (2011)
Government: Republic, unitary state
Area: 582 646 km2
Capital: Nairobi, 3 200 000 residents (2010)
Population Growth: 2,9 %
Per Capita Income: $875 USD (2011)
Currency: Kenya Shilling
Language(s): Swahili (Kiswahili), english and about 30 local languages
Primary Exports: Agricultural produces, coffee, fruit and tea
Religion:  Majority Christians with indigenous religions.
Literacy: 87 %
Percentage of children starting primary school: 82,8 % (2009)