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Dear Friends,
Greetings from the children and staff at Star of Hope Kenya. Thank you for supporting our children's welfare during this pandemic.

You are a great blessing to our communities. The status update of the pandemic in Kenya as of 31st August 2020 is as follows;
1. Confirmed Cases - 33,794
2. Recovered Cases - 19,590
3. Deaths - 572

Relief Food Program


The August 2020 COVID19 Relief Food Intervention Program reached 287 families with 1,165 Food Packages having been delivered. This program has continued to have a great impact on the welfare of our families during this pandemic period.



Home-Based Learning

250 million primary and secondary children across Africa are out of school because of corona-virus pandemic. Home-based learning has become the norm.


The home-based learning program has benefited over 1400 children across all our school projects in Mikindani and Jimba villages. The teachers split into small groups and visit our children at their homes with learning charts where they get to teach and remind their pupils of what they learn in school. This program has made it possible for our children to remain focused on their education.


Coronavirus Pandemic preparedness


Our coronavirus preparedness activities have been ongoing as we look forward to schools reopening in January 2021. Renovation of our school infrastructure including paintwork, fabrication of learning desks, and tables among other activities took place.



Our tailoring department is also making 3,000 face masks that will be used by our children when schools reopen.


Pastoral Care Program for the Girl Child


The coronavirus pandemic has come along with its fair share of negative implications on the girl child. One of the major effects is how young girls in Kenya are being used in prostitution by their guardians to put food on the table.

Star of Hope Kenya, through your generous support, has incorporated a new program, the Pastoral Care Program for the Girl Child which is focused on helping our girls deal with the challenges they are facing at home during this time.

We are involving a professional counselor from the government to talk to our girls concerning these challenges.


Thank you to all our well-wishers for standing with us during this pandemic and making a difference in our local communities.

God bless you.
Country Director, Gilbert Ochieng,
Star of Hope International Foundation Kenya.


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18 landerThanks to you, Star of Hope works in 15 countries around the world.

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Also because of people like you, more than 30,000 children receive education and care through Star of Hope.


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