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Text and photos Inese Ansone Velki Association and Star of Hope Latvia

Boys and girls of grade 4 have just had lunch. Their school lessons have ended, but they need to go back to the classroom. They have to prepare homework. They wish something would happen that would make the break a little longer. It would be wonderful if it was possible to get out, but not today as it's raining. While the feet slowly get closer to the classroom, their thoughts are about running and playing in the school yard. And then a miracles happens.

star of hope in latvia working with special needs kids

Presents this time!

Star of hope in latvia working with special needs kids

Lots of nice things.

"Velki Association's" bus has just arrived at the school. Will there really be presents? It seems that this time there will be presents, indeed! The teacher is looking for some help unloading the bus. Presents it is!

Grade four students are always ready to help! The boxes are bigger than their carriers. The boxes are not closed and when they are taken out, it is possible to see what's inside. There are doll houses and castles! Children love to play!

The doll prams look just the same as young mothers have strolling down the street next to the school. The prams are red, convertible, all the details are like the real pram has. There is a boy who has a little sister at home. He enjoys pulling the pram so much.


Star of hope in latvia working with special needs kids look a stroller

I will push my sister with this.

Mother has come to take Viktorija to the music school. Viktorija can not go alone. There is little time, but mother understands daughter's wish to just touch the doll pram. Very quickly Viktorija manages to go a couple or rounds in the school yard and after promise that the pram will be waiting for Viktorija at the dormitory later, Viktorija is ready to go. Viktorija's mother is very happy about such eagerness of her daughter to come back later. Mother needs time for herself that is why a couple of night a week Viktorija stays in the school's dormitory. Before each time mother and daughter have long conversations. Mother hopes that the doll pram will make these conversations shorter. Viktorija suddenly has so many questions about to her mother that there is no anger on rain and wind which disturb going to the music school left.

Star of hope in latvia working with special needs kids look a doggy

I have a nice doggy.

Also the next presents which are taken out from the bus make great surprise too. There are brown rocking horses packed in big plastic bags. The horses look so real. After the 4 graders have unpacked the horses and checked how strong the backs of horses are, the first graders make friends with the horses.

The teachers think that maybe twin girls have sent their toys from Star of Hope Sweden. Everything is in 2! The girls must have grown and their toys can start a new life.

Thank you, unknown donors! Your presents will help to grow and develop children of Riga 5th special school.


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star of hope in latvia working with special needs kids
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Facts: Latvia

Population: 2,263,000
Government: Republic
Area: 24,937 square miles
Capital: Riga
Per Capita Income: 
Currency: EURO
Language: Latvian
Primary Exports:
Religion: Evangelical Lutheran Church, Roman Catholic, Russian Orthodox