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The question is often asked, why do we as Star of Hope staff and partners give of our time, talent and resources to help in situations that quite frankly are hopeless. After all it is unrealistic to beleive that we can actually change a country. But that's not what we are called to do.

We are called to help the helpless, the poor, the defenseless and the powerless. We are to be like Jesus and help just one more. This is what Eladio and Margarita are doing, everyday.

IN 2008 they felt the call of God to leave the comfort of the USA and move to the border town of San Louis, Mexico. Border towns are what I generally call the armpit of the world. Bur for Eladio and Margarita they see the beauty in the faces of the children who live there, often left to fend for themselves all day as their parents seek work.

Living very humbly, Eladio and Margarita give of everything they have to do what God has called them for. They constantly seek resources and friends who can help them buy just one more bag of rice, just one more.

As the smallest project that Star of Hope USA supports, Jehova Sama Local, is woefully underfunded. It breaks my heart and I want to do more.

But for Eladio and Margarita, they see God at work.

To learn more check out our Mexcio project page by clicking here. Maybe while there you might consider a gift to help Eladio and Margarita carry out their work.

Feel free to call me, Barry Borror at (866) 653-0321 with any questions.

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