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Letter from a co-worker.

Hi, Mark

I was doing the dishes and thought, my son just started 3rd grade in elementary school, and we all know kids grow at the speed of light. His feet grew so much last summer that he now has the same shoesize as me. I also had to buy him an almost completely new wardrobe for this school year as he had grown out of everything. New jackets, shoes, winter boots, winter jackets, training clothes, you name it.  As any parent will know, this is where you put your priority. Your children.

I have been working with Star of Hope for a couple of years now and I want to say THANK YOU! Because this is exactly what you help all the mothers with out there in the countries and projects where we work. Not only do you help the child you sponsor with food, but also with other necessities that we don’t always mention. A new toothbrush, cleaning products, a pair of shoes – the list goes on.

As a sponsor, giving a monthly donation helps with the most important gifts like food, education, and school material but also with so many other day-to-day things. You also help more than one child which is amazing!

And you help the children feel good psychologically and spiritually. They have someone out there who cares for them. That from their heart helps them and believes in them. YOU are that person. You won’t believe the difference that makes for a child.  THANK YOU!

The situation in the world feels very unstable with war, inflation, political problems, climate changes, and all sorts of other insecurities that make us think twice about everything we do. But the people that suffer the most in all this are the people that are already poor. That actually has nothing to do with all the changes in the world.

You have not only helped a child in need, but you have helped with so much more. THANK YOU for being there and thank you for everything that you do!


Star of Hope sponsors helped more than 12000 refugees so far and are still helping!


Star of Hope sponsors helped to build a library in Kenya this year.


Star of Hope sponsors provided kitchen supplies for one of our schools in Ghana this year.


Star of Hope sponsors helps mothers learn trades that will help them to sustain their families.


Star of Hope sponsors help build water tanks and help whole villages with drinking water. This was photo is from Kenya this year.


Star of Hope sponsors helps in emergency situations.

Did you know that sponsors have access to all the updates about your sponsored child and the project you support digitally? Here you can see the difference your donation makes.  -  password needed....

Thank you for being there for the children and their families. YOU are truly a blessing!

Isabella Zelaya


Isabell came to the organization as a volunteer a few years ago, and soon we learned of her incredible benefit to the children and the teams across the globe.

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